/ Terms of agreement.

Meeting time on parade day:

  • Organizations and groups which have registered to participate in the parade must meet at the parade´s starting point between 11.00 and 12.00 on June 10th
  • If your organization or group are going to have a parade float or a motorized vehicle of any kind, the vehicle must meet at the parade´s starting point between 10.00 – 11.00


Sexual harassment:

  • Sexual harassment and harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited, and we ask you to pay attention and alert our security personnel if you experience any form of harassment before or during the parade.
  • If someone in your group have harassed anyone attending or viewing the parade, we ask you to immediately report this person to our security personnel.


Parade floats and motorized vehicles

  • If you have a parade float or motorized vehicle in the parade, you must send the vehicles license number to parade@regnbuedagene.no minimum two weeks before the parade.
  • All parade floats and motorized vehicles MUST have a bare minimum of two people in the front and in the back on each side of the vehicle to insure the safety of other parade participants and viewers. They must all be wearing yellow wests, so they are visible.


Banners, logos and company name:

  • As organizer we have the right to ban certain banners/slogans in the parade if we feel the message can be offensive, or not in accordance with the values of the festival.
  • All companies, sharing our values of love, diversity and inclusion, is allowed to participate in the parade. However, the pride parade is not a marketing tool for your company or a product. Therefore, we ask you to share your values and the reason you are marching in the parade on banners, t-shirts and flyers, rather than you company’s name/logo!



  • As a pride organizer we have a zero tolerance against violence, and therefore ask you to report any violent behavior to either our security personnel or the police.
  • If the parade will meet protestor, you are strictly forbidden to interact. When anti pride protestor goes low, we go high!


Violation of these terms of agreement can potentially lead to your group being excluded from participating in the parade.