/ Supporting the Pride movement in Poland!

What is happening in Poland?

The situation for lgbtiq-people in Poland worsens constantly. Right-wing politics  and nationalism have affected both the public opinion and legislation. The Constitutional Court recently abolished a law providing protection against discrimination to sexual minorities, and was already in 2015 criticized by Amnesty in 2015 for not taking hate crime against lgbt-people seriously.

One third of Poland is now “LGBT-free zones” when nearly 100 municipalities and local authorities have proclaimed themselves “free from LGBT propaganda”. In response to the pressure from the government, we see increased sympathy for the cause and increased activism – often with great personal risk for activists and supporters

In 2019, a number of Prides – or equality marches as they are known – faced attempts to ban their marches through legal action, and others found themselves facing huge counter-demonstrations of far-right and nationalist groups. In Białystok, clashes led to several people including police officers being injured.

Bergen Pride will use this year’s festival as a platform to create awareness of the situation in Poland, and also support our fellow pride festivals. How can you support?

Vipps a donation to 609520!

All donations will go directly to EPOA – European Pride Organisers Association who will regrand the donations to pride and equality marches in Poland. Bergen Pride will collect the donations from the opening of our festival on June 4th to after the parade on June 27th!